Submitting Applications

The dask-submit cli can be used to submit an application to the dask cluster running remotely. If your code depends on resources that can only be access from cluster running dask, dask-submit provides a mechanism to send the script to the cluster for execution from a different machine.

For example, S3 buckets could not be visible from your local machine and hence any attempt to create a dask graph from local machine may not be work.

Submitting dask Applications with dask-submit

In order to remotely submit scripts to the cluster from a local machine or a CI/CD environment, we need to run a remote client on the same machine as the scheduler:

#scheduler machine
dask-remote --port 8788

After making sure the dask-remote is running, you can submit a script by:

#local machine
dask-submit <dask-remote-address>:<port> <>

Some of the commonly used arguments are:

  • REMOTE_CLIENT_ADDRESS: host name where dask-remote client is running
  • FILEPATH: Local path to file containing dask application

For example, given the following dask application saved in a file called

from distributed import Executor

def inc(x):
     return x + 1

if __name__=='__main__':
     executor = Executor('')
     x = executor.submit(inc, 10)

We can submit this application from a local machine by running:

dask-submit <remote-client-address>:<port>