HTTP endpoints

A subset of the following pages will be available from the scheduler or workers of a running cluster. The list of currently available endpoints can be found by examining /sitemap.json.

Scheduler HTTP

Pages and JSON endpoints served by the scheduler

  • /health: check server is alive

  • /info/main/workers.html basic info about workers and links to their dashboards and logs

  • info/worker/(worker).html: more detail about given worker, keyed by TCP address; links to tasks

  • info/task/(task).html: details about a task on the cluster, by dask key; links to worker, related tasks, and client

  • /info/call-stacks/(worker).html: tasks currently handled by given worker

  • /info/call-stack/(task).html: state of task (where it is running)

  • /info/main/logs.html: scheduler logs

  • /info/logs/(worker).html: logs of given worker

  • /individual-plots.json: map of path to description for available individual (i.e,. one-pane, non-dashboard) plots

  • /eventstream: scheduler events on a websocket

  • /proxy/(port)/(address)/(path): proxy to worker HTTP locations (if you have jupyter-server-proxy)

  • /metrics: prometheus endpoint

  • /json/counts.json: cluster count stats

  • /json/identity.json: scheduler information

  • /json/index.html: link to the above two endpoints

  • /sitemap.json: list of available endpoints

  • /statics/(): static file content (CSS, etc)

  • /stealing: worker occupancy metrics, to evaluate task stealing

Scheduler API

Scheduler methods exposed by the API with an example of the request body they take

  • /api/v1/retire_workers : retire certain workers on the scheduler

    "workers":["tcp://", "tcp://"]
  • /api/v1/get_workers : get all workers on the scheduler

  • /api/v1/adaptive_target : get the target number of workers based on the scheduler’s load

Individual bokeh plots

  • /individual-task-stream

  • /individual-progress

  • /individual-graph

  • /individual-groups

  • /individual-profile

  • /individual-profile-server

  • /individual-workers-memory

  • /individual-cluster-memory

  • /individual-cpu

  • /individual-nprocessing

  • /individual-occupancy

  • /individual-workers

  • /individual-exceptions

  • /individual-bandwidth-types

  • /individual-bandwidth-workers

  • /individual-workers-network

  • /individual-workers-disk

  • /individual-workers-network-timeseries

  • /individual-workers-cpu-timeseries

  • /individual-workers-memory-timeseries

  • /individual-workers-disk-timeseries

  • /individual-memory-by-key

  • /individual-compute-time-per-key

  • /individual-aggregate-time-per-action

  • /individual-scheduler-system

  • /individual-gpu-memory (GPU only)

  • /individual-gpu-utilization (GPU only)

Worker HTTP

  • /status:

  • /counters:

  • /sitemap.json: list of available endpoints

  • /system:

  • /health: check server is alive

  • /metrics: prometheus endpoint

  • /statics/(): static file content (CSS, etc)